The thing to remember from this update is that the sites

That is. The keyword on which to place our link The thing to remember and the destination page of the incoming link. So far. This last method has been very effective. But since it imitates human behavior by altering a relevance index (the quantity and quality of links). Google had to implement a new artificial intelligence: spambrain. The goal of this ai is to eliminate low-value links and refocus on quality. Thus. Links created to guide internet users about their search intention. Inform them.

And support claims with a reliable source

Will have much more value in the future. The thing Lebanon WhatsApp Number List to remember from this update is that the sites that will make a difference in the future are those that provide quality information . Make your readers. Partners and suppliers want to share your pages and articles. It will be a definitive paradigm shift with this update. Google confirms a paradigm shift that many seos anticipated. While google previously penalized sites that used negative techniques such as spam backlinks .

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It now chooses to nullify the effects

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Produced by certain links. It is not the link that is deleted. It is its impact on seo . Sites that have been hacked should therefore logically be safer. As penalizing links will no China WhatsApp Number List longer have any negative effect on their pages as soon as they appear. However. This represents a drawback for those experimenting with seo . Those trying to test the limits of the algorithm will have more complicated feedback about the relevance of each link.

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