The new update of the link spam update could negatively

 Spambrain: google’s ai to identify unnatural links (spam) last update: january 4. 2023 category: news. News and seo techniques spambrain-ai-google-spam links the The new  new google  called “ spambrain ” runs the risk of reorganizing network links (netlinking). Although inbound links have always had (at least since google penguin in 2012) an essential weight in google’s references. y influence you to lose some positions. By influencing the weight of your link profile. This artificial intelligence.

This means that any page that has links and

 Launched on december 15. 2022. Aims to identify “ spam ” links. That is. Unnatural links. This artificial intelligence can detect and neutralize incoming links. profiles in a Kuwait WhatsApp Number List positive or negative way will be reflected in the results in the coming weeks. Table of contents link spam  since the update was released 2 weeks ago. Google has been tracking unnatural links on all websites. These artificial links can be generated for various reasons.

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The new update of the link spam update could negativel

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For example: to damage a site (negative seo). To improve Cambodia WhatsApp Number List the credibility and power of a site. If your website is in the first case. This update should give you something positive. In fact. Russian or japanese links that degrade your link profile  The new update will lose all influence on your ranking and “sanitize” your network link. (rest assured. Google already seemed to take care of these links before this update.) and in the second case. You might lose some relevant links to your site.

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