If Sudan does this log correctly then what you have

If Sudan does this log correctly then what you have to do next is to install phpMyAdmin. How to do it is as followsBy using Ubuntu Debian. sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin using CentOS yum install phpmyadmin

After that, you only need to wait until the

PhpMyAdmin installation process is complete. In the Azerbaijan Phone Number List middle of the installation, you are required to determine the web server that you are using. If you are using Apache2, then don’t forget to star Apache 2

The trick is, press the space key on the keyboard, then select OK. Meanwhile, to move to OK, please press the keyboard tab and then click enter.

The question will appear later, “Configure database for phpmyadmin with dbconfig-common?”. Then you just need to select “YES”. This means that all configurations in phpmyadmin will be adjusted to the dbconfig-commont data in MySQL.

Then enter the phpMyAdmin password. Rewrite the password again and wait until the installation process is complete.

Successfully Installed phpMyAdmin.

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When finished, now you have successfully DM Databases installed phpMyadmin on the VPS. To be sure, you can immediately open a web browser. Then write down the VPS/phpmyadmin IP address. The trick is as follows; IP_Address_VPS/phpmyadmin

Then a display and image will appear, “Welcome to phpMyAdmin”.

In the username column, please fill in “root”. Meanwhile, in the password column you can fill in the password that was entered during the installation process. If so, then the phpMyAdmin installation process on the VPS has been completed.

If you have finished installing it will make it easier to manage the website. phpMyAdmin is a web application that is open source since it was first created and developed. So with various supports from many developers and translators, the phpMyAdmin web application continues to experience quite rapid development with the availability of many language choices. And until now there are more than 65 languages ​​that are supported by the phpMyAdmin web application.

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