Prepare for the Future of Voice Search

There are plenty of impressive statistics regarding digital assistants and voice search. To cite just a few: over 25% of the global online population use the voice search on mobile devices (source: microsoft) one third of u.s consumers own a smart speaker – statista the use of digital voice assistants will triple to 8 billion by 2023 driven by smart home devices – juniper research the transaction value of purchases made through voice assistants on smart home devices globally is preicte by statista to reach $164 billion in 2025 clearly. This is a growing industry and there’s huge scope for customer engagement and advertising opportunities. Devices such as google home


Homey and the amazon echo range are increasingly prominent in living rooms. Kitchens new data and berooms in western countries. Furthermore. Anthropomorphic assistants such as siri. Alexa and google assistant are embede in a wide range of smartphones. Cars. And even vacuum cleaners. The google assistant interface the google assistant interface it is a trend that sits at the intersection of increase mobile use. Sophisticate machine learning algorithms. And the symbiotic relationship between people and technology. As such. Its continue rise seems inexorable.

Anthropomorphic assistants such as siri

new data

But what does this really mean for brands? Does voice search require a separate strategy? And if so. What DM Databases does it entail? This article will examine what we know about voice search and give you some tips that will help integrate voice into your marketing strategy. Voice search: a natural extension of semantic search the evolution of communication begins with speech and moves on to written language. However. Search engines have experience this in reverse. The signals that we innately pick up on. Such as intonation or memories of past interactions. Are difficult to incorporate into a search engine. When i ask a friend. “what would be the best smartphone for me to buy?”.

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