Which allows us to take a look in the rear view mirror

When the majority of employees do not have English as their mother tongue, the possibilities of misunderstanding each other are permanent “. Under the motto “empathy no ego”, Wade Foster recommends adopting a posture of mutual understanding rather than wanting to camp on one’s positions. The founder of Zapier also notes that this diversity in the teams is a richness that makes it possible to better understand users with varied needs. Tool used by Zapier: Small improvements, for employee feedback and team performance evaluation.

The rest of the process is quite classic

The recruitment process at Zappier Wade Foster insisted on this point: to recruit the most talented profiles, it is better not to set boundaries. And spend time database writing job offers: rather than duplicate yet another ad, take the time to think about how your company and the positions you offer stand out. The rest of the process is quite classic, with different phases intended to judge both the hard skills and the soft skills of a candidate, all without meeting other than video exchanges. Onboarding then takes place in sessions every other Monday, with at least two candidates at the same time. Tool used by Zapier: Zoom, for videoconferences, but also Skype or Hangouts. Necessarily effective meetings The secret of Zapier meetings? Anticipation and prioritization.

The objective is to discuss in order


Zapier teams use Slack to share an upcoming meeting agenda for attendees to complete. A color DM Databases system makes it possible to assign a degree of priority in the treatment of the different points (green, we are ok, orange, there are still things to see/adjust, red, a whole program). The objective is to discuss in order to quickly take concrete decisions. After the meetings, we immediately plan the next steps and the participants give feedback on the effectiveness and interest of the meeting (green, it was great, orange, yeah, could do better but that’s fine, red, I wasted my time). IMF20 Zapier Tool used by Zapier: Slack for document sharing and feedback.

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