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Don’t let newsletters shut you into a typical “Here are our company updates” box. One of the biggest mistakes companies fall into with their newsletters is making it all about them. Double Down on Your email subscribers don’t want to hear about you, they want you to deliver them valuable content, and the more personal you can get with them, the better.

A/B testing can improve your click rates

Your marketing team should already be. If they’re not, they need to start doing it now. As much as we might want to say we know our audience Australia Phone Number Data and the types of emails they prefer, we’re never going to know as well as our audience themselves, and A/B tests give your audience a chance to tell you what they prefer.

Marketers who A/B test generally see far better engagement metrics like open rates and click-through rates than those who don’t, so you need to make A/B testing a priority.

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As a result, you’ll know  with your audience, which you can use to inform your email marketing strategy moving forward.

Watch your email frequency and timing

Sending emails too often can result in unsubscribes from your email list, but sending emails too infrequently can result in your subscribers overlooking them.

The annoying thing is, figuring this information out is usually completely unique to each company. There’s no magic solution to this puzzle. You can look at other companies in your industry to see how often they’re sending as a start, but ultimately, if you test it and make tweaks, your data will tell you what frequency your audience responds to.

Craft a compelling call-to-action

Typically, when a company sends a newsletter, they have something they want to link their readers to. Maybe it’s a piece of content on your website DM Databases that you teased in the newsletter, or maybe it’s a new product if you’re an ecommerce company. Double Down on Either way, crafting a clear, compelling call-to-action will help make sure readers get where you want to send them.

This newsletter from Zendesk includes a letter from the CEO about a new product announcement, and a CTA encouraging people to click to “learn more” about that product.

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