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María Concepción Balboa fl her land like many, escaping dictatorships, hunger, lack of opportunities, fear and this taught her to be free, to recognize that there is no plge more valuable than our own freom. Her father ran away from home when she was not yet 10 years old, leaving her an inheritance of more than six almost unknown siblings and a future without a future. Her mother Honorina rais her with flip flops and outlin in a certain way that vocal protest, that furious voice that wanders through all the registers and sings enduendada – like Lorca’s poetry – in the rhythm of a cantejondo: Peruvian waltz, Argentine tango, Jamaican reggae, Brazilian bossa,

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English rock and more. And he learn about being free in the neighborhood, sharing with squatters who stopp occupying abandon buildings, with junkies who became extinct in a surrealist sigh, with retir prostitutes on a wish strike. From there, yes, from there she inherit b2b email list freom and gave birth again with a new name, with a free pass passport and she call herself Concha Buika and sang in the darkest and most poetic bars, in the corners barely illuminat with her voice, in the rental apartments without canceling. From there came fame, the Grammys, the trips, the albums, the thing about the best 50 voices in the world and a long etcetera.

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Buika has given us Mestizo , her first album, which catapult her to that power of music, of art. Years later, My Girl Lola came out , to be releas later, accompani by a collection of poems as frank as herself, Girl of Fire, which mock what she coincidentally seeks to mock: censorship. With the magical Chucho Valdés, The Last Drink, and to continue as a duo, the already hymnic Oro santo DM Databases with Javier Limón. In the last three years, she has just lent us: Live Without Fear and For Me. There are freoms that are scary, there are crazy things that make us complex, there are humans that are too human, and that is the key to being able to survive, to overcome our everyday life, so vulgar, so small.

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