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Those who have surviv now continue their dialogue with death in the midst of the European Apocalypse, of which Spain was the prelude.” (Koestler, 2004, p. 275). And of course: that Apocalypse would bring with it – for the second time and spreading a destructive power a hundrfold due to the use of much more lethal destruction technologies – the maddening fire of the cannons in the carnage of the war fronts, the bombs of the fighters smashing the main European cities, Koestler reminds us: he was born in the early years of a century of horror, at “[a] moment when the sun was setting on the Age of Reason.” (Koestler, 1973, p. 20). Upon learning of the execrable

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Moscow trials, in which his friends were shot, after being forc – after being subject to cruel procures of psychological exhaustion, physical torture and blackmail – to plead guilty to treason against the Bolshevik revolution, the Hungarian business lead writer He abhorr the Stalinist regime, and question its bestial behavior with paralyzing lucidity through Zero and Infinity , his most recogniz novel and now a great little classic of political literature. From that moment on, he would show his radical opposition to totalitarianism and reflect on the twist mechanisms that sustain that brutal ideology.

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About a decade later, he wrote an article in which he analyz the nature of totalitarian preaching and the discourse, emotional rather than conceptual. Not only with mystical overtones rather than scientific in nature, on which it is bas and which operates a mystical transformation on the spirit of one who is preparing to enter the temple of dogmatic DM Databases militancy. Not only. The text, along with five other writings whose authors, like him, after initially being enthusiastic apologists of communist preaching had gone on to become its most fierce censors years later. Not only was part of The God Who Fail ., a book publish in 1949.

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