8 Digital Marketing KPIs to Measure in 2024

Digital Marketing KPIs help companies achieve their best results through measurement.

They are fundamental to measuring campaigns with quality and accuracy. These indicators show the performance of the actions defined in the strategy, so it’s possible to have a broader view of what the efforts are generating.

There’s a large selection of KPIs to help us detect sales results, conversions, engagement, and media investments.

KPI selection must match Marketing objectives

Digital Marketing teams can use whatever KPIs they want, even creating their own. What matters is how they help analyze the strategies executed. So it doesn’t matter how many KPIs you use, but which ones.

We should make this choice of indicators from the goals of the company. Always consider that the goals can change and that each Whatsapp Number List campaign will have its own purpose.

That being said, always remember that the list of KPIs is changeable.

If a strategy aims at increasing traffic to the website, naturally, the KPIs need to link to this objective.

Here, relevant metrics are primarily those that point to where visitors to the website come from, not how many conversions they generate.

It’s possible and even necessary to use a larger selection of KPIs. Only with the right metrics, we can do a proper evaluation of the strategy. They are the ones that help translate the company’s progress toward the campaign goal.

Why is it important to keep track of KPIs

n a Digital Marketing plan, first, we define the objectives, and only then the strategies are chosen.

In this way, the results will attest if the choice was the most appropriate.

To visualize the effectiveness of the strategy, KPIs are indispensable.

If the answer to these numbers is definite, it’s DM Databases proof that those choices in the planning were correct. However, poor metrics do not always represent inadequate strategies.

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