The Content that Drives B2B Engagement

Whitepapers Are Truly in a Class of Their Own. A Whitepaper is an in-depth Written Document That Covers a Specific Subject or Issue in Great Detail.

Years Ago, Mostly Government Entities, Non-profit Organizations, and Similar Establishments Used Whitepapers to Explore Public Opinion on Policy Changes and Similar Factors Before Enacting Them. But Here in the Internet Age, You’re a Lot More Likely to See Whitepapers Published by Everyday Companies and Businesses.

What Should a Whitepaper Include

Writers aren’t a monolith and some are better-suited to longer pieces than others.

Writing a product description takes a different talent than writing a blog post, and the same is true for whitepapers. Long-form content requires a more granular approach than most objective business communications. The Ws Database whitepaper writer should have experience with long-form content plus the ability to convey detail but also the conciseness that a B2B audience expects.

A writer who has of knowledge or experience in your industry is often a greater fit for a whitepaper. This type of content demands precise information to truly deliver value to the audience. While a blog post is likely to be a mile wide but an inch deep, a whitepaper is only a few feet wide but several miles deep. Familiarity is a plus.

How to Write a Whitepaper?
A successful whitepaper is quite similar in structure to the standard informational blog post. For example, it’s written in such a way that the audience is immediately engaged and feels compelled to read on.

However, it also presents depth, context, and details the reader wouldn’t find in a blog post. Here’s a closer look at how to write a whitepaper that really strikes a chord with audiences.

AGet organized with a detailed outline

A whitepaper can take many forms. Some provide extensive background information on a single topic, while others introduce a problem before following up with a data-supported solution. There are listicle-style whitepapers that present as numbered lists, too.

However, whitepapers are fairly long-form as a rule (around 2,500 words, on average), so it’s important to start the writing process with a thorough outline. A good whitepaper outline:

  • Adds structure to your stance or argument
  • Keeps in-depth data and statistics well-organized
  • Defines a target audience and tailors the content to match

In general, your outline DM Databases should help you weave each point and statement into a cohesive narrative that serves the greater purpose of your paper.

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