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Read the article and find out how to arrange it and how much it costs. What is a temporary residence and work permit? A temporary residence and work permit commonly referr to as a uniform permit is regulat by the Act of December , on foreigners hereinafter referr to as the Act . The document authorizes you to stay in Poland and work for the specifi period. An application for a permit is submitt by a foreigner and the application is accompani by an annex complet by the future employer in the form call the entity entrusting the performance of work , which presents the terms and conditions of employment.

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The uniform permit

Is issu for the period of expect employment – from months to years. Having a permit entitles you to receive a Residence Card . The permit is legally valid only for the condition set out in the application. This means that when they change . An employ citizen of another country wants to change the employer , the permit must philippines photo editor be renew. However, there is no obligation to apply for a new permit and go through the entire procure again. You can apply for a change to the issu uniform permit. This is a cheaper option – issuing a new permit costs PLN , and changing the existing permit – PLN.

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What conditions must be

Met to apply for a temporary residence and work permit? Obtaining a temporary residence and work permit is possible provid that the following conditions are met: the foreigner has a place DM Databases of residence in Poland, the foreigner has health insurance entrusting work that gives rise to mandatory insurance, i.e. employment under an employment contract, meets this condition , the employer who entrusts work is unable to meet staffing nes on the local labor market, the amount of remuneration guarante by.

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