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This means is important to determine how much funds will be.  Require for promotion, and what return to expect from advertising. In order not to be mistaken at this stage, check out our article Forecast and calculation of the Yandex. Direct advertising budget in. Myths about Yandex. There are many myths about how advertising works in Yandex. We will try to dispel some of them. Yandex Direct. How dangerous is blocking Facebook. We would like to share what the advertising business in Russia is facing because of the hostilities in Ukraine. The freezing of the social network Facebook really forces us. To reconsider our marketing strategy and change our plans.

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We, the Key Client marketing agency, face the problem of blocking the Facebook website, including the Facebook. Ads Manager advertising account – perhaps. Western partners or these restrictions were introduce by the Russian authorities – establishe by Rospotrebnadzor. What’s actually photo editor going on with Facebook. Our clients had ads (which we manage) running, getting blocke by Facebook , and as a result having difficulty accessing ad management in Facebook Business Manager – making it impossible to stop or optimize. Advertising continues to work on Instagram and. Advertising budgets are spent, but there is no access to the advertising account to manage advertising. In other words, advertising is spinning.

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It is impossible to stop or correct it. I don’t have access to my Facebook ads account. Solving the problem of blocking Facebook Fortunately for our professionalism, we have already found a solution to this issue, but it was not so easy to do. We are already working on advertising DM Databases campaigns of our clients, and some of them we stop altogether. There is a way to bypass Facebook blocking – take control of advertising in your own hands. How to bypass Facebook website blocking Now you can use a VPN to access or Facebook Ads Manager – Facebook Ads Cabinet.

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