Webmaster’s Guide to Google Core Web Vitals: Best Practices

Snov has a feature Webmaster’s Guide where. You can connect your email account via SMTP or you can also. Do it directly to your G Suite. In my experience, the direct connection. With G Suite has very good results because Snov sends. Emails through Google servers and does not do so (as in the case of SMTP). Through the hosting you have contracted. It is for these reasons that I also had to divide all the possible. Links into different campaigns (six in total). This way we make sure (in theory) that we don’t fall into spam or have general problems. With our shipments. Campaign 1 and campaign 2 The first two campaigns. Had these conditions: It offered to exchange 2 links for 2 other links.

Campaign 1 and Webmaster's Guide campaign 2 The first two campaigns had these conditions

It didn’t have a customization paragraph, it was a more top industry data generic email. first two email outreach campaigns I was not satisfied with having only gotten 3 links after having sent 91 personalized emails, so from here on I decided to make changes. I wanted the offer to be more attractive and I wanted the company or person who will receive the email to see that it was written by someone who is truly interested in what the company/niche has to offer. Campaign 3 onwards From campaign 3 onwards things began to improve. campaigns optimized for link search After having sent 374 emails.

Campaigns optimized for link search After having sent 374 emails

I got a better response rate due to the customization/personalization and I DM Databases also included an extra link. In this way, I offered 3 links to projects that are currently stagnant in exchange for 2 good links to the projects that I am interested in positioning in the SERPs. 17 links obtained on sites with high authority and in just 1 month and, furthermore, without spending a single dollar. Does this strategy also work to contact companies in English? Since the links I was getting for the project could also be from websites with content in English, I had a question about whether this same template and this same strategy would work in the face of the change in language and audience.

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