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To repeat a purce or contract with only of the most satisfi consumers. These conclusions can complement with another analysis thatjust en publish in harvard business reviewwhich states that customers who trust a brandmore likely to repeat their purce and would buy exclusively from that company Additionally it must taken into account that in the case of receiving a bad experience of the most dissatisfi spanish consumers would willing to ruce their spending or stop purcing. This means that of the sales of spanish companies would at risk according to the sales at risk index.

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On the contrary an example of the growth obtain as a result of customer satisfaction is first republic bank . With an nps of it doubl the satisfaction achiev by the north american banking average in and achiev that of the growth in deposits and of new loans was thanks to having a base of very satisfi customersgraph. Chartsource “first republic mobile app designs service bank corporate responsibility report”. Highly satisfi customers recommend the company and its products to friends and family. The greater the satisfaction the greater the loyalty on the part of the customers . Half of spanish consumerslikely to recommend the brand to friends and familygraph. Chartsource qualtrics xm institute q –the correlation according.

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To the pearson coefficient tween the probability of recommending a brand and its customer satisfaction is very high it is .Graph. In the case of the most DM Databases satisfi spanish consumersstarswould recommend the companygraph. Furthermore there is a percentage point difference in the probability of recommending the company tween those whovery satisfistarsand those whodissatisfi stars. First republic bank is also a good case for the return achiev due to its customer referrals. Itmanag to create a very customerfocus organizational culture andachiev that more thanof its development in recent yearsen the result of its satisfi customers

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