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here have been many SEO case studies by experts To put together everything that prove that internal linking can increase a webpage’s ranking in SERPs. SEO tests indicate that 3 internal links equal 1 external backlink on average. This means that without links. your website cannot compete or reach the top spots . Google even reports that the more internal links a page has. the more important it is for the user to tell the search engine crawler. And therefore. the page must have higher visibility in the SERPs.

The SEO technique you should

use here is to include keyword-rich anchor text when linking internally to the landing page. You also want to link from other relevant content on the site and not just randomly because BrazilTelegram Number Data Google’s indexing algorithm may also consider the annotation text surrounding the internal link. Achieve more with fewer backlinks. To put together everything you learne in this article so you can walk away with a good SEO strategy for building external links. here are some takeaway tips on how to achieve better ranking results with fewer everlasting links: Choose at least 3-5 keywords to optimize the page and choose terms with low keyword difficulty scores.

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Do the best on-page SEO possible

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by placing your keywords in the correct HTML locations for Google Canada Telegram Number List to crawl. Make sure your content meets the user’s search intent. Look at the top-ranking sites on Google to find your main keyword phrase to understand what type of content is being rewarde so you can create something similar. After publishing the article. create at least 5 contextual internal links to the page with keyword-rich anchor text. Link to the website from your home page if you can.

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