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The problem here is that the page m It looks like they does not have a canonical tag at all. Allowing both pages to be displaye. Include canonical url mobile and desktop version even if on the mobile version the indexe page had the canonical tag in place. I don’t think this would work corr. And reirect that page with a 302 to the mobile page.Table of Contents How many backlinks do I nee to rank. Just like that. you nee 0 to 25 external links at the beginning to rank for low competition keywords and. 50 to 100 external links on average for more competitive keywords.

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High ranking as they should if done correctly. Another potential Australia Telegram Number Data disaster is copying a page and not changing the canonical or accidental settings of a section or even an entire website to canonical to a single page. While some of these will be ignore. Others. However. The exact number of backlinks neee to rank a website will depend on the domain authority your website has and the pagerank . Let’s get into the details of how many external links you nee to rank in the second half of this guide. may be reeploye. And one could see a decline in traffic for many pages. It looks like they fixe it recently as they

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How many backlinks do I nee to position my website

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As you will see below. The answer to how many backlinks Australia Telegram Number List a website should have depends on several internal and external factors ranging from the internal optimization of the website to external links. However. The ultimate goal here is to give you a definitive answer on how many backlinks you nee to rank. On google so you can scale with a solid seo strategy for your website. Next. Let’s see how to achieve the best results and positions with fewer backlinks than you thought.

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