The Impact of Clear Intentions in Life

Having a clear intention will arouse focus and motivation.

One can go through life — eating, sleeping, working and living — without having a focus in their mind.

But as a Muslim, this matter is unacceptable.

Every action we take must be in line with what God wants and is pleased with.

Without a clear intention, then usually time and intention will be spent on self-interest.

When this happens the remnants of productivity will disappear

A clear intention will benefit us in several ways..
Author John C. Maxwell explains how intention is one of the Whatsapp Mobile Number List rules for personal development.

If we want positive and productive results, know that they don’t have to happen by themselves.

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We are the ones who have to make it a reality. We have to commit to it.

A clear intention will cause us to think and ask, “Why am I doing this?”

This may be the reason why in Islam, a person should not start an act of worship such as prayer and fasting until he makes the intention clear in his heart.

How many times have we started a job or project, only to realize after a few days, weeks or months that we were just wasting time?

This happened because the intention was not clear at the beginning.

Think of the impact this kind of mentality has on one’s productivity and well-being

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Spiritual focus not only allows us to live a purposefully DM Databases focused lifestyle, but it also brings innumerable blessings.

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Maybe some of us will think:

So, you are saying that Islam does not encourage productivity but only relies on ‘good intentions’ without having to take any direct action?”
But this only highlights a misunderstanding of the true meaning of sincere intentions.

Sincere intention is not only a ‘desire’ to do something but also a driving force that says,

I will try my best to find what I want to do even if I don’t have enough resources now”.
In fact, as important as intentions are in Islam, so are actions.

It is so important that a human being is punished based on their intentions and actions, not the result of those intentions and actions.

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Abu Hurairah narrated that the Messenger of Allah said:

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