The good thing about long-tail keywords is that it’s pretty obvious

You’re not going for high volume. You’re going for focused intention. It’s better to have a few searches and a high rank than to have tons of searches and not rank at all. User intent something more important than the keyword itself is the user’s intention through the consulted keyword. For example. When someone searches for the keyword you are trying to rank for. Are they searching because and where they want to do it. Directly or indirectly? The good thing about long-tail keywords is that it’s pretty obvious to figure out what the user is searching for.

With a few additional variables

Google-user-search-intent main terms like “ laptop ” and “ laptop +brand ” are not very descriptive. You may not be able to get a focused understanding of what the user is Nepal WhatsApp Number List looking for. But long-tail keywords are valuable. Someone searching “ asus gamers idepad 15.6 laptop ” is looking for a specific product.. You can create and deliver precisely the type of content the user is looking for: buy asus gamer 15.6″ laptop with 16 gb of ram compare asus gamer idepad laptop with previous versions.

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If you can figure out the long tail intent

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Asus gamer idepad laptop with 16 gb ram with 2 tb disk. Asus Mexico WhatsApp Number List gamer idepad laptop with extended battery life.  with accessories and carry case. . And it’s not that difficult . You can masterfully create content that matches that intent. As a result. Your content will quickly rise to the first page. Pay attention to user intent I mentioned this in the first section: align your content with user intent.

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