The answer is that google will choose one or both

The canonical tags generate towards The answer is that the <body> you think canonical tags are easy. Right?” an example is when you sample a canonical tag in the source code where it looks fine. But if you use “ inspect ” in chrome dev tool to view the dom tree . You will see that the <head> section of the home depot website is scrolle ahead of time and the canonical tag is sent to the <body> section . Where google sees it. Will ignore. Url canonica homeepot what’s the worst that could happen if all canonical tags are ignore? Well.

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Version or the consolidation of signals. Many pages USA WhatsApp Number List will be indexe with the wrong version. Or you may have multiple versions of the page indexe without consolidating the flags. And no version of that page will rank as high as it should. Here are a few different google searches that show home depot website parameters being indexe even though they have a set of clean canonical  you may also be intereste in: what is a canonical url? Complete guide to  canonicalization an interesting note is that canonical tags seem to be fine on the mobile version.

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The desktop version of the site is causing the problem. But Thailand WhatsApp Number List the problem will only be resolve with the upcoming mobile-first indexing. If home depot wante to fix this asap. They’d probably get away with moving the canonical tag in the <head> section so that it’s above all the scripts or figuring out what’s causing the <head> section to close early (which is (probably the label that was not close correctly). When each version of the canonical tags refer to itself what happens when you have multiple versions of the same page and each version has a canonical tag that says it is the correct version? The answer is that google will choose one or both.

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