I have compile information from columnist Patrick

Eventually when you have products or content that I have compile information are accessible on multiple URLs. or even on multiple websites. By using a canonical URL (an HTML tag with rel=canonical attribute ). you can exist without harming your rankings. Before canonical URLs were introduce and use in the SEO world. it was common practice that if you had duplicate content on URL A and URL B . you would point one to the other to avoid potential duplicity issues. However. sometimes this is not always feasible and the content that is at URL A may be duplicate at URL B .

Due to a number of factors

The rel=canonical tag The rel=canonical tag or element . more commonly calle a “ canonical link .” is an HTML tag that helps webmasters avoid duplicate content problems . It does Uruguay WhatsApp Number List this by specifying the “canonical URL” as the “preferre” version of a web page. Using it properly improves the SEO of a website. Understanding canonical URLs What happens when canonical tags get out of control? How can we control it? In this report I have compile information from columnist Patrick Stox where he share his research and his point of view on the subject on the Search Engine Land web portal .

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Patrick Stox mentione:

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Being a technical SEO. it’s hard to investigate and dig deeper Taiwan WhatsApp Number List into any strange issues where things don’t seem to work as you expect. Canonical tags seem easy enough to understand. but in reality these tags cause all kinds of problems that are quite interesting. and some minor fixes can be very effective. Almost every major website will have some sort of problem with their canonical tags. so I looke at other different cases to see what examples I could find.

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