That way when you want to see a complete element

 In this case it is difficult to mix elements That way when you that have a common line. The alignmentalignment concept design alignment will allow us to keep objects constantly aligned with each other. When we align as in the example. These elements have visual harmony. That is why we always have to take into account that the grids are very important when designing. Since these grids will allow us to always have the distance between different objects. Itself and in this way respect the organization and alignment of the elements much better.

The repetition repetition graphic design

Concept repetition will allow us to give rhythm to Brazil WhatsApp Number List our creation. For this when we design anything. We have to look for a common line. This black and white composition alternates between the internal page and the external page and for the viewer they are getting used to the way we are showing that information. That way when you want to see a complete element. You will know where that element is. Since we have repeated the same structure throughout the entire publication.

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The contrast contrast concept design

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The contrast is generated by creating distinctions between Malaysia WhatsApp Number List the different elements and in this way we will be able to highlight the differences between them. That contrast may be in the typography. Since we can observe using the same typeface in two different families. We achieve a visual contrast of the letter. On the other hand. The size will always be in that contrast or even also the color. All these contrasts allow us to generate examples like the one we are seeing: black and white blank space white spaces are also well known in design.

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