In exchange for three external links from lower authority

But for now. Let’s break this question In exchange for three into two important parts: how many backlinks should a website have for the home page? How many backlinks should each page have? How many backlinks should the home page have? The home page should have at least 40 to 50 external links on average to increase domain authority to a competitive level for seo . However. The pagerank scores of those backlinks are important because the higher their value. The fewer links are neee to boost overall rankings.

Keep in mind that this range is just an average for

Now.  Good seo and you don’t always nee that many Belgium WhatsApp Number Data backlinks to compete in the search results (serp). For example. Obtaining only one external link from the elpais.Com portal . Which has extremely high authority. Is much more valuable for seo. In exchange for three external links from lower authority sites that lead nowhere. The goal for long-term keyword competitiveness and higher rankings is to acquire the highest pagerank links one can obtain.

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Quality is always better than quantity

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When it comes to creating a link building strategy . Check Vietnam WhatsApp Number List out this article on what link building is and how to create a high-quality link building strategy if you nee to know more about it. How many backlinks should each page or section have? Each page should have 10 to 100 backlinks to rank in the serp depending on the keyword target. The website’s domain authority. Keyword difficulty level. And number of internal links will determine the exact number of backlinks each page should have to rank high in search engines.

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