Take advantage of the power of anchor text

However. It also degrades quite inconsistently. And is probably not an ideal element to ensure the best possible search results if the page content is quality. Relevant. And valuable to users. How do I avoid tabbe content but still provide a good user experience? If you think your website pages contain “too much information.” avoid the nee to click on multiple tabs. Instead. Take advantage of the power of anchor text. Where you click on a subtopic and immeiately land on that part of the page.

Full disclosure of content through the use

Of anchor text navigation will be rewarde by google. It will UK WhatsApp Number List also ensure a pleasant user experience. Resulting in search engine and ux! What if my website is already using tabbe content? Now you may be saying to yourself. “my website is already using tabbe content. How do I know if it is negatively affecting my page value? “ if you’re not convince you nee to make a change. We recommend running a test and experimenting with formatting just one of your pages.

This is not at all difficult to do

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The 10 easy steps involve in this are: sign in to your google Spain WhatsApp Number List analytics account choose only organic traffic from the “+ add segment” part click “behavior” in the left navigation bar. Click “landing pages” find 2 accordion-style pages on your website that currently attract about the same amount of traffic. These will become your “test subject” and “control.” choose the page with the least amount of traffic as a test subject and extract all the content currently in a tab.

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