Here is an example of one of their product listing pages

Such as recommende accessories. Product photos. Etc. Here is an example of one of their product listing pages: tabbe eyelashes ebay store amazon is a good example of a website that favors a non-accordion style. Instead of using tabs. The website uses topic anchor links that. When clicke. Leave users in that section of the page . Anchor tab tab on amazon now. Most websites don’t have the level of authority that ebay and amazon do. So it’s important to look at how accordion/tabbe content can impact smaller.

The people at google state quite clearly that if you

Lesser-known websites (particularly in the b2b. Manufacturing Uganda WhatsApp Number List industries and industrial). What did google say about seo tab content? In february 2015. Google publicly state that they ignore hidden/accordion/tabbe content when determining search rankings. In the eyes of google. “hidden” content was considere unimportant or secondary and therefore not worthy of indexing or attributing value.  Wante to index content. You better make sure it is visible to users when the page loads. And in 2018 it appears that google has altere its stance slightly since last year’s statement.

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It seems to be the consensus that google indexes

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And will generally index accordion/tab content… But it Singapore WhatsApp Number List will be treate differently and downgrade in value. How we have seen this play out with our clients although it is being indexe. What we found is that google generally assigns a higher value to pages with content that is immeiately visible on page load. In other words. These pages typically appear higher in search results than websites with hidden/tabbe content. We’ve also found that even pdf files often outperform product pages with hidden/tabbe content!  Hidden/tabbe content (as long as it is not loade dynamically via ajax technologies).

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