How to take a potential customer to the purchase decision stage?

This step is where you move the reader from awareness to interest and eventually desire and action. The key here is to create a lead magnet that grabs. Their attention and makes them want more of what you have to offer. The second step, create a valuable lead magnet . A typical lead magnet should target your specific audience and offer something in return for their information. For example, a B2B lead magnet could be a free white paper that identifies an industry problem. And offers a free solution and a promise of more solutions if they sign up for your email newsletter. Another lead magnet could be a webinar targeting a specific industry segment. You promote your webinar with a landing page that solicits registrations and provides solutions for your attendees’ specific needs.

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The lead magnet should identify a problem getting qualified leads in a given industry and show a strategy to help your reader improve the types of leads they are generating. Upon receiving the lead magnet, you capture the prospect’s  China Mobile Number List  information and add it to a capture page to send them to the third stage of the funnel. The follow-up offer. The accompanying offer The third stage of the funnel should be making a second offer to your prospect. It should be a complement to the lead magnet offering and be more specific and offer much more detailed value than the initial product. lead evaluation Again, the key here is to add value to what your audience has already received. You can approach this in one of two ways, an upsell or a downsell of products. An upsell is a more expensive product than what you previously offered, while a downsell has a lower price and is typically an add-on that increases the value of your previous product.

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By creating value in your content and sharing it across multiple channels, you increase your brand awareness. Next, when creating a low-to-zero lead magnet, you hope to capture the prospect’s information that allows you to direct DM Databases  them to the third stage of your funnel. From here, you make an additional offer. Priced higher or lower than your original offer. But adding value to what the prospect has already received. The final step is where one of the most important actions in the process is, the back-end sale. the after-sales The final step in the sales funnel is the backend sale. If you’ve set up your funnel correctly. From content creation to lead magnet and follow-up, you’re ready to launch your sale. Reputation Once you’ve built awareness of your brand. Established some authority, and built trust in what you offer. This is where you highlight the benefits of your product or service.

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