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Storytelling ideas in digital marketing The purpose of your blog is not to create an immediate sale. Rather, to enhance your brand image and product offerings. The content must work to get your prospect to the part of the funnel. Where you think the customer is on their journey. To be the most effective, you need to design your blog posts in a way that it does a few things for your audience. Write your blog in conversational tones and make your content tell a story. Giving your blog personality makes your post easier to read and builds confidence in your authority. Unless, of course, your services are specific and require a very academic or professional tone. Identify something your audience sees as an issue, problem, or pain point. This could be a problem in the market, a problem or pain point your reader might be having and offer a solution or a better way of doing something.

Storytelling ideas in digital

This problem-solving technique will establish you as an authority and build confidence in your reader that you can solve these problems. Video: Video is highly engaging, easy to consume, and widely shareable. You can create a high-resolution  Canada Mobile Number List  video and quickly publish it on your company’s website and blog. useful links In fact, the American Marketing Association states that “video will account for 82% of all web traffic by 2021”. Do not skimp on the video. If you’re not comfortable in front of the camera, you can script your video and hire freelance talent to produce it for you. Again, like a blog post, identify some issues and problems your audience might be facing and offer a solution. You can embed the video directly or include it in a written blog post to add a personal element.

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This problem-solving technique

This is a crucial platform in your content marketing strategy. You can create standalone posts or promote other content you’ve created. Such as blog posts and videos. content marketing The best strategy for reaching as wide an  DM Databases  audience as possible is to promote. Your content on as many channels as possible for the highest level of reach and engagement. Set a publishing schedule and use a third-party app to publish across all of your various content marketing channels. You can also outsource your content production to maximize your automation process. Now that your content marketing strategy is in place.

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