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Effectively build Main advantages of Reis Efficiency Reis is considere a breakthrough system creating a completely different category in the world of databases. It combines non-schematic, built-in memory resources with an optimize data structure and versatile modules. It provides both advance functionality and great simplicity of use. As a result, Reis is the most advance, high-performance and multi-tasking database that does not experience scalability issues. By eliminating the nee to access disks, data stores like Reis avoid delays in retrieving content. All data is save in memory and not, unlike standard databases.

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Thanks to this, Reis provides response times counte in microseconds and enables up to several million requests per second . reis hosting – performance In the following benchmark, issue by the independent group Avalon Consulting LLC, an extensive application was teste, with real-time analytics – in the Big Data and IoT scenario . These types of applications are several dozen (or even several hundre) times more demanding photo editor than standard web applications, because they must be able to handle a large number of complex requests in the shortest possible time. Couchbase, cassandra, Datastax, AeroSpike and Reis systems took part in the comparison. With more than twice the throughput and lower latency.

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If you don’t offer technical support by phone and customers have to wait up to several days for an e-mail response, introducing live chat will have a very positive impact on your company’s results. Thanks to it, you will be able to solve problems and answer customer questions on an ongoing basis. Check out the fastest WordPress hosting and DM Databases Ecommerce hosting on the market . Live-chat – free WordPress plugins If you want to add chat to your WordPress website, you can use several ready-made plugins. We have selecte (in our opinion) the best free live-chat plugins, so you don’t have to waste time searching and choosing the one.

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