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The Adobe Commerce focusing on building the thematic authority for your most important keyword phrase, you have a chance to overtake stronger websites. A website that focuses on one or several topics, containing detailed information in a given field, with valuable texts and a profile of links from thematic portals, has a good chance of success. What is domain authority (DA)? Thematic authority is different from domain authority. Thematic authority is expertise in a given topic that is important to your business. Website authority is the value of a domain compared to others calculated by specialized tools, such as Ahrefs. When calculating DA, the quality and number of external links and the authority of the linking domains are primarily taken into account.

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To summarize, authority is a measure of credibility, and credible sources are trusted by users. You probably don’t use the offers of companies that no one Photo Retouching trusts. Building thematic authority is not a sprint, but a marathon. Activities such as building links and specific content must be carried out regularly and correctly – only then will they bring results. Also remember that thematic authority is not a ready-made recipe for success, but its important ingredient. In addition to building authority, there are other issues that need to be taken care of. You won’t become a super athlete overnight.

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Just like your website will not increase its visibility in organic search results within a few days. SEO and positioning are processes spread over time, requiring regular activities. And regularity is the key to success. And why is this so? SEO and positioning – jump DM Data Bases into the TOP and keep your place To achieve (and maintain) high positions in organic search results, long-term actions are necessary. You won’t achieve your goal through quick, one-time changes. Website positioning requires regular implementation of content, regular expansion of the link profile, and regular analysis of the effects of activities. Let’s take a closer look at all this.

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