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This doesn’t exactly sound like a win for marketers, does it? While we’d agree that the loss of some data and functionality is inconvenient, we do think MPP will ultimately be a good thing for the future of email.

How? Because MPP will force marketers an Email Newsletter to focus on the experience they’re creating, not optimize their campaigns for hollow metrics like open rate.

With available to us, it’s become too easy for marketers to define success by top-line metrics like open rate. While those metrics are helpful, they’re not the end goal.

your subject lines or CTAs

Our hope with MPP is that marketers will feel less compelled to write a deceiving subject line that overpromises and underdelivers on Belgium Phone Number Data what’s actually inside the email, and more compelled to deliver value and enhance their subscriber experience every chance they get.

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And hey, by focusing more on the experience you’re creating with email and the value you’re giving your subscribers, odds are, your metrics will probably all start to look better anyway. Funny how that works

Don’t be deceptive with

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Like we mentioned, it’s easy to feel compelled to write deceptive, overpromising subject lines or calls-to-action for the sake of seeing higher open rates or click rates. But ultimately. When subscribers catch on to the fact that you’re consistently letting them down with your actual content, they won’t keep coming back.

To be clear, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t follow  and make your subject lines and CTAs clear and engaging. We’re just saying that you DM Databases shouldn’t an Email Newsletter try and boost your stats at the expense of your subscribers. If you can’t make the content of your email or the content you’re linking to compelling without lying about it, you probably shouldn’t send it in the first place.

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