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 And intelligent control with a laser We will skip the specific sensor. Additionally. It can be controlled by touch from its screen. This purio appliance is extremely effective: its advanced hepa filter is capable of removing up to 99.97% of microscopic particles from the average air. Furthermore. With its output capacity of up to 180 m 3 per hour. The air neo is among the most powerful air purifiers . To give you an idea. An average room is around 40m 3 . So less than 25 minutes of use would be enough to clean it.

The air neo is currently available in the falabella

Com online store with a final price of 649 soles. Another Canada WhatsApp Number List of the featured purifiers comes from the internationally known oster brand. The purifier has an ionizer that makes smoke. Dust or pollen particles (among others) heavier. Thus allowing them to be retained by the filter. Additionally. This is a very small and quiet purifier. Making it perfect for those looking to sleep in rooms with fresh air. The oster air purifier is currently in the falabella.

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Com digital store with a discount of 

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Having a final price of 329 soles. Heaters-appliances the heaters Spain WhatsApp Number List changing the category completely. We will now talk about heaters. Since most people already had a heater of some type. We will skip the introductions and directly introduce you to the most notable models. Let’s start with the electric heater . This is a very convenient device both for those who do not have gas in a specific room and for those looking for heating equipment that they can move anywhere

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