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So, you can do this: Create a new page by clicking the corresponding button. Use the arrows to scroll through the templates, expanding them to full screen. Return to the selection menu. After selecting the desir template, proce to the next step. Step 1: it Page Settings When you hover over the name of the site you’re creating, you’ll see three buttons: Settings , Publish , Delete . Click on the first one. Your task: Give a brief description of the page. Everything you specify in the settings will be visible to other users. This is a very important step, because if your site’s content doesn’t match this description, you’ll lose traffic.

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Page Title and Description On the Main tab, specify a name for the site. Think about it carefully, because this is the first thing users look at when they hover their mouse cursor over a site icon. The Oman Phone Number List description is an equally important part, it helps to know exactly what your resource has to offer. URL of the page, otherwise a link. It uses the Latin alphabet, in contrast to titles and descriptions made in Russian. Badges The next tab prompts us to install an image that illustrates the item. After posting a website link on a social network, the user will be able to see the website. By default, the first image is automatically pinn to the page, but you can change this to include any image you want, such as a photo or logo.

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In fact, these are the basic page settings. Click the appropriate button below to save the enter data. Other Tabs You can not only create a website on , but also manage it, have a general understanding DM Databases of the rest of the constructor tabs: Search Engine Optimization. From there, you can change the title, picture or correct the description. exit. A tool that allows you to transfer your site to sites like . Inde, it is available if you connect to a commercial tariff.

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