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Useful messages are sent once a week, but wait for messages every day. Keep in mind that the rules of prohibit mentioning community members on other sites such as or . It is also useful to analyze subscriber behavior after each mailing. See the percentage of messages that have been read and the number of contacts who have unsubscrib from you. Once you notice that users are unsubscribing from your messages or reading them less frequently, chances are they are not happy with how often you send them. In this case, try sending less frequently, but if the problem persists, you will ne to change things. What exactly is suppos to send a message to a group member.

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This directly depends on the theme of your community. Be sure to provide genuinely useful information that people themselves will want to subscribe to and promise not to leave your group after a while. Before Namibia Phone Number List schuling a mailing list, ask yourself, how will the user benefit from this message? Let’s say your community is dicat to painting. It makes sense to send a list of consumables ne by the artist, such as paints, brushes, etc. If your team represents an ucational institution, send information about lectures or masterclasses.

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If you have a business account, you can send messages about promotions or upcoming discounts. Or, if your organization develops and sells services, write about new products and features. If you find that some messages open better than others, analyze what exactly is in your most-view letters and try writing about that topic more often. General tips DM Databases for sending messages from the community to only those who have confirm their consent to the mailing list. Never send anything without the recipient’s permission, even if you find a program that can resolve the desir contact group. Return rates for such letters are low and your group or account will be fin by the administration.

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