The hosts answer a question about how google penalizes backlinksThe hosts answer a question about how google penalizes backlinks.

Since it is a podcast. Questions are approache as a group discussion as the hosts answer pre-selecte questions rather than interacting with the live audience. Together. The hosts answer a question about how google penalizes backlinks. Which asks: “as seos. We are intereste in backlinks. However. Actively working on backlinks often becomes a gray area in terms of link schemes. What are google’s main criteria for penalizing backlinks? After some banter between the hosts. Mueller takes a direction with his answer that strays a bit from the original question.

Google representatives are often careful when

Answering questions about ranking and penalty criteria. In IndonesiaTelegram Number Data general. Google discourages any form of unnatural link building. Revealing too many details about sanctions could encourage “gray hat” behavior or draw a careful line between what is acceptable and what is not. Instead of talking about penalties. Mueller discusses the backlink ranking signal in general and why it may become less critical for seo professionals in the future. You may also be intereste in: how to optimize and position a website in google discover? John mueller on the backlink ranking signal as google becomes more adept at understanding how content fits with the rest of the web.

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Mueller suggests that google’s algorithm

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Won’t have to rely as much on inbound links. John Italy Telegram Number List mueller mentione: “well. It’s something that I imagine. Over time. The weight of the links will at some point decrease a little bit as we can figure out a little better how the content fits within the context of the entire web.” perhaps this is mueller’s way of saying that it’s not worth worrying about penalties because the backlinks won’t be as valuable to acquire in the future. However.

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