The general opinion was that the nes would not be successful

Went on sale in japan in 1983 under the name famicom. The general opinion was that the nes would not be successful in the european and american markets. But nintendo’s new console overthrew atari and cornered the industry by selling 61.9 million. Nintendo 64 nintendo 64 after the defeat with virtual boy in 1995. Nintendo had to launch a new console in a hurry. As a result. The nintendo 64 appeared in 1996. The biggest misfortune of the nintendo 64 was that it was released at the same time as the playstation 4.

While sony’s new cd-powered console

spread across europe and america. The nintendo 64. Which still uses cassettes. Could only sell 32.9 million. Accompanied by criticism. Nintendo wii nintendo’s return to the home Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List console business has been spectacular . Not wanting to lose against sony and microsoft. Nintendo switch oled took the risk of embodying an idea that had been in the project phase for a long time. The result could be frustration like virtual boy. But nintendo switch price took a risk.

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After the success of the nintendo 3ds wii

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 Wii. Which has an unusual atmosphere with its UK WhatsApp Number List motion-sensitive control system. Managed to become nintendo’s best-selling home console with 101.6 million sales worldwide.  Nintendo once again turned to portable consoles. The failure of the vita at the time didn’t slow nintendo down. Nintendo managed to attract attention with its 3ds console. Which offers a 3d experience without glasses. Nintendo 3ds has sold more than 50 million copies worldwide. Meeting the expectations of the japanese console giant.

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