The function has to serve the purpose for which we are

From here it is a qualitative leap in The function has terms of reproduction and information. Later, William. Addison around 1920 was the one who took a step forward. By coining the term graphic designer and from here this profession directly related to the term design would begin to develop. Already called Douglas. Engelbart history graphic design douglas engelbart. Around 1969, an engineer named Douglas. Engelbart invented the mouse, which would give a qualitative leap when working with computers. Later Macintosh developed the first desktop computer.

Which changed the entire system

And rules of the game when creating or designing Russia Phone Number List for the modern world.During the following decades, the evolution of design was tremendous. New technologies have made a greater number of people interested in this type of work and this type of development. From here, the design was implemented in advertisements, posters, packaging designs, symbols, etc… which allows us to communicate with different clients. The information of different concepts. brands or companies. And this is where we have to be clear that he is a graphic designer.

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And a graphic designer is still a person

Capable of communicating through India Phone Number List everyday texts and images and translating them into messages that are easy to access, attractive and meaningful for the viewer. are constantly evolving, which is why a designer is forced to constantly evolve in order to survive his environment and thus provide a better service to his clients. As we can see to define what graphic design is. We have to understand multiple disciplines, which is what generates the concept of graphic design. One of the questions that all designers ask ourselves is “how to create a great design”, there is truly no mathematical formula that allows us to generate that ideal design, its algorithms 

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