The first advantage is the filter function

The first advantage is the filter function. Email can be managed with a tasking automation model that you can create yourself. Users can set emails as tasking or mark them as read. You can also move specific emails to specific folders, according to your preference.

Using Zoho Mail, you don’t have to worry

anymore about eye health when working with it. Your France Phone Number List eyes will be more relaxed thanks to the night mode in Zoho Mail. You only need to activate it, so you can still receive emails at night, without fear of eye health being compromised.

Searching for e-mails in the inbox, which can number up to thousands of e-mails, of course, will be a tedious task. But Zoho makes this job easier. Users can search in detail for the email they want. Starting from the date, to the list of keywords in the attachment.

Zoho’s Scrub feature makes inbox management a whole lot easier. Emails can be deleted or archived en masse. For example, five senders can be selected and the scrub feature allows users to delete or archive all emails from the five selected senders.

Zoho Mail has lots of shortcut keys, making

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The navigation process even easier. For example, all DM Databases your unread emails can be viewed by simply pressing the letters G and U together. Or writing an email can be started by pressing the letters C and M.

To print an email, you just need to press CTRL+P. On the settings page, you can find a complete list of shortcuts that can be used when running Zoho Mail.

Zoho Mail users will also get rid of persistent notifications. Users just need to select which folders require notifications and Zoho Mail will ensure that they only receive notifications for the ones they choose, not any other email.

As a user, you also don’t need to spend a lot of time browsing emails from a particular sender one by one. This is all of course thanks to the “List email from sender” feature in Zoho Mail. All you need to do is right click, to see all the senders of that email.

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