The desktop site references a different mobile page as the alternative

Since the contents are going to The desktop site be mine. So I starte to investigate and delve deeper into the topic and I realize that it actually had no value in favor of my website. Where they did. But how? Well. It turns out that some portals or blogs that are authoritative and frequently publish content appear in the results just as they optimize their titles. So I starte to analyze the results of the titles in the serps… And it turns out that there were 3 similar titles on different pages but one original.

It would be advisable to first contact the administrator

These three pages have 3 identical titles. But the Ghana WhatsApp Number List problem is that they do not have the canonical url configure or optimize. Well. They are generating duplicate content like google just indexe them but with different urls. These pages that copy long-term content will not have good results and could be penalize. So. To avoid this. The original canonical url of the content coming from must be specifie. It would be advisable to first contact the administrator or webmaster of the website to avoid misunderstandings (if at any time you realize this).

Duplicate content may be accidental and not

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Today’s search engines are very adamant about why duplicate UK WhatsApp Number List content should not exist and how new. Unique and relevant content is better for the user. Duplicate content is frowne upon because it is a common practice use by those who use black hat to manipulate serps. However. This is not always the case. Duplicate content may be accidental and not aime at manipulating the serps. Either way. It’s a problematic issue for search engines like google. Which is why canonical urls were introduce.

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