A leader in the body positivity movement

The comedian frequently partners A leader in the with top fashion and cosmetics companies on. Tiktok looking to capitalize on his confident personality. 47. Muslimthicc – 3m followers zahra hashimee behind muslimthicc, never expected to be a tiktok she also uses her platform to discuss misconceptions about. Her religion, as a muslim living in the u. S. Her audience is 75% female and her sponsors include neutrogena, walmart, and converse. 48. Cost_n_mayor – 2m followers professional dancers marideth and austin are behind the popular account cost_n_mayor. Posting countless hours of choreography to popular songs made the couple stars overnight.

 Grubhub domino’s kate spade target

And cheetos are some of the brands that have Russia Mobile Number List sponsored tiktoks with the creators. While they have less than two million followers, marideth and austin average over half a million views per video. 49. The.Mcfarlands – 2m followers with more than two million. Followers, the mcfarlands have one of the largest family accounts on tiktok. Mcfarlands is a powerhouse of sponsored content for businesses hoping to promote their brand’s association with “family fun. ” the father, dan mcfarland, stars and directs the family in comedy sketches that are as charming as they are comical.

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Mcfarlands teamed up with gillette


On a 15-second tiktok that has more than 80 million Russia Phone Number List views. In our exclusive interview with mcfarlands, they reveal tikt.Ok tips and how to avoid creator burnout. 50. Luismcervantes_ – 350k followers as a mid-level tiktok creator with 350,000 followers, luis cervantes has already worked with some of the biggest brands in the world: ray-ban, bose, mcdonald’s, and dr pepper, to name a few. Her energetic choreography combines fitness with dance and many notable celebrities have recreated her challenges. While his followers are smaller compared to most top tiktok creators, his engagement rate increases by more than 10%.

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