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Together with a mentor, you will develop a development strategy. Identify priorities and understand which skills need to be improved. will personally participate. Practical action will help in the process of implementing your ideas. For example, organizing advertising campaigns or providing legal assistance. The results of the study showed that in New York, as many successful startups received mentor support. This guidance has been widely disseminated throughout the world. Who are the mentors of Russian businesses? There is no such post in our country.

The Business Coach First Gives

Anyone with experience can fill this role. In many teams without strict hierarchies, leaders at various levels act as mentors to subordinates. Back in Soviet times, experienced craftsmen shared their knowledge with the young. In large companies, mentoring is often done by people who are no longer actively involved in the practice. But they Hong Kong Phone Number List have tremendous ability and pass it on to their colleagues. Who is not a Mentor Anyone who has accumulated experience and is willing to share it can be a Mentor. Most tutors provide their services for free. Their help allows students to acquire new knowledge and skills. Successful mentee stories increase respect and authority for mentors. As a token of appreciation, the ward can offer them a consultancy position in the start-up company.

The Theoretical Basis

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The relationship between tutor and student is often long-term. In the process of learning, the overall development of the individual takes place. Mentors use the methods of trainers, coaches and facilitators in practice. However, the functions of a mentor and a coach are different. Who is not a mentor? teacher. Teachers who use teaching methods will only give you theory. Its main task is to convey complex structured information. expert. Often, a narrow expert provides advice on solving certain DM Databases problems based on personal experience. consultant. Provides detailed information on how to act in the current situation, based on a general theoretical background.

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