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When creating content about your services and products, stop for a moment over each word and think about whether it carries specific information and whether it really helps the user in choosing. If you decide not to, delete it. On the other hand, remember that the content on your website should result from the chosen strategy. If you are playing around with different storytelling techniques, for example, you can ignore my advice. Don’t write about your products in superlatives It’s not about pointing out the shortcomings of the offer.

Marketing Strategy Why Should Companies Have One

However, creating songs of praise also makes no sense no one will believe you! So avoid too much advertising language and empty promises. Instead, refer to the unique features of the product and the already mention benefits (WHAT can it  do, provide, care for?) and explain how it will specifically improve the whatsapp mobile number list quality of life of the user. For example the chair is ergonomic, which means that it will ensure the correct posture of your client and take care of his spine. Write clearly and legibly Set aside long and complicat messages. Avoid multiple complex sentences. Use periods instead of commas where possible. Just like in the previous three sentences.

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How To Translate Marketing Strategy Into Practice

Also keep your paragraphs short. Avoid walls of text , because it will tire the recipient. Make sure the text is visually appealing. Use headings, bullet points, bold the most important information. Don’t use the passive voice Passive voice verbs are passe. Instead of “the surface has been cover”, write “we have cover the surface”. Instead of “when you press the button, the meal will be heat” write “you will heat the meal”. that is responsible for the product’s features, but DM Databases the manufacturer, and your client will use it. In addition, verbs in the active voice introduce dynamics and lightness of expression.

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