Simplify your eCommerce Customer Service process

An organized process allows for a faster response, but it must also be accompanied by the right message.

To be fast and effective, you need to incorporate the right tools to support your CS team. Below are some of the things you need to do to have an effective CS process:

Invest in a CRM or management tool
Relying on manpower alone can hinder your CS process. You need to invest in good tools to help you manage your customer interactions and relationships.

This is where you record all conversations, track and monitor your processes, and store files and documentation.

Create a strong knowledge base

You cannot react immediately to a question or question if you do not know the correct answer.

With a solid knowledge base, you or your agent will have the answers right at their fingertips.

Your knowledge base should have a list of FAQs, answers, and product information. You should also have KPIs that allow you to track conversations.

In customer service, some situations are unique. Because of this, having proper documentation of cases handled by database your CS team can significantly help you improve your CS in the future.

2. Anticipate possible problems
Your business exists because you provide solutions to problems. It’s also the same in customer service.

Online shoppers prefer businesses that proactively provide support and solutions rather than waiting for a problem to occur before finding a solution.

By being able to anticipate problems, you not only improve your performance as a seller, you also reduce the workload of your support agents. This will allow them to focus more on high quality customer service.

In a study conducted by Zendesk, they asked customers:

What is most important to you when you


want to resolve a customer service issue with a company?”

The answer with the highest percentage was “they solve the problem quickly” ( 72.5% ), followed by “they respond quickly” ( 58.9% ).

The average client expects email responses in 12 hours or less , and they anticipate much faster response times for channels DM Databases like social media and live chat.

The data is clear.

However, while speed is important, the quality of the first response is also important. It must be clear and useful.

Here are 8 strategies you can adopt to keep your customers:

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