Name the document The first use of a URL is to provide

Name the document The first use of a URL is to provide the name and location of a document stored on the website.
Easy access to documents. URL helps users to identify and access documents with proper URL address. Given that there are so many addresses on the internet, URLs can shorten the process of finding document addresses more easily.
Makes it easy for users to remember addresses . Users can remember file location addresses or web pages easily using URLs, especially if they recognize their structure.
URL typesURLs are divided into two types, namely Absolute URLs and Relative URLs.

The striking difference between of the arrangement.

1. Absolute URLs
Absolute URL types have a standard Indonesia Phone Number List arrangement format. This full URL address is accompanied by the domain name and its directory on the internet. Absolute URLs consist of a domain-directory-document format.

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From this example it can be seen that the destination document is image.jpg . The file is located in the images directory stored on the site .

2. Relative URLs
In contrast to absolute URL types, relative URLs do not have a standard arrangement format. Then what is a relative URL like?

Relative URL refers to an address according to the URL that is currently active or currently open. For this reason, these URLs are usually shorter and only show the document name.

When you’re opening a file on the internet you can usually find this type of URL. Taking from the same example as in the absolute URL example above, in the relative URL version it becomes image.jpg .

URL structure
what are URLs

Some of the parts in the composition include:

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1. Protocol
The first part of the URL contains the protocol. The DM Databases function of the protocol is to explain how the communication process will be carried out between two (or more) computers. These rules will be used by the network to transmit data properly.

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The types of protocols that are now quite common on the internet include HTTP and HTTPS. Although it comes first in the URL array format, the protocol is optional. You can write it or not in the address bar in the browser.

2. Subdomains
In the next sequence, the protocol is followed by the subdomain. Generally you find a lot of WWW subdomains on the internet. This subdomain indicates that a web page is available for access with the internet using the HTTP protocol to communicate.

However, actually the website host or owner is free to use any words in this section. Some website users use subdomains that indicate special directories such as blog , news , support , and others.

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3. Domain Names
The next section is the domain name . This is the name of the destination website address. The domain name contains the website name and the domain extension used. One website can only have one name and domain extension. This is because the domain name represents the IP address to the website server.

Take the example of the domain name . The website name of the domain is IDwebhost , while the domain extension used is .COM . Domain names can be purchased from hosting service providers. If you want to buy cheap domains starting from 20,000, check here.

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