Facebook and Instagram? Videos?

Facebook and Instagram? Videos? No, too much movement. Images? Ugh, too boring. So? Post Cinemagraphs … Hoooola! How’s that going? How about you doing? Good? Come on, say yes, I’m sure you have that joy typical of spring, which alters the blood and lifts your spirits… or which makes you calm with the heat, makes you sneeze with the pollens or makes you cold with the sudden cold… It’s according to you. got it, right? In any case… Let’s go with joy! I’m more on that side, on the joy of warmth and new challenges and things to tell. Among them, today’s post,

which is something

which is something that I have been seeing for a long time, that I really like and that I wanted industry email list to share with you so that when you make Facebook Ads ads they look so cool that those who see them cannot resist the attractiveness that you project … I know it.. That is achieved with Cinemagraphs, which are… come on, let’s get to the post. [piopialo vcboxed=»1″]Discovering cinemagraph to make Facebook ads that shit you…[/piopialo] table of Contents What are Cinemagraphs? Why are they so shocking? The key to making it really eye-catching? Cinemagraphs

Ads How

on Facebook and Instagram Ads How to make a good Cinemagraph The video from which we start Flixel: the perfect tool for cinemagraphs Last conclusions What are DM Data Bases Cinemagraphs? I could start with a definition very much like “ Cinemagraph on Wikipedia ”: a term coined by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck to refer to static images in which only a small part of it is animated, repeatedly, creating a super attractive effect . Look at this example: But hey, I prefer a more M

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