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Words to use To do this, the necessary step concerns the definition of the difficulties and challenges. That begin the search for information and the purchasing path. The buyer’s journey. bb digital marketing – buyers journey Identifying specific situations will serve to create real magnets, capable of attracting qualifi users to the contents of the company website, prepar to meet their nes. The effectiveness of the inbound method appli to BB digital marketing lies precisely in meeting prospects where they want, when they are looking for a solution like the one offer by the company and in forgetting the more invasive and outbundl traditional processes and techniques.

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Let’s consider the example of a stationery supplier: office supplies are purchas by everyone, but the largest orders are plac by those companies wedding photo editing service that have grown very rapidly in terms of staff, have open new branches or are restructuring their site. These events are fundamental in representing the buyer’s journey: the secretary, office manager or general services buyer persona will start an online search to stock up on stationery materials. In this phase, the supplying company will have to offer content that meets the nes of the potential customer and presents the value of the products, the purchasing methods and the proposal.

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Keyword After having defin the buyer persona and identifi .The reasons behind their web searches, the next step concerns understanding. How users carry out searches, i.e. which terms.They enter to obtain answers from Google. The study of keywords allows us to know the average search volume of each term divid by geographical area, positioning difficulty (obtaining the first positions in the results of strategic searches is fundamental) and an estimate of costs, should the DM Databases company wish to activate a paid campaign. To buy first clicks. bb digital marketing – keywords. Here are some best practices: create a list of strategic .keywords break them down by search volume and ranking competition define both individual keywords.

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