Basically the web server does function to receive

When the web server receives  request from the browser, if necessary, the web server will send a query to the database to fulfill the HTTP request sent by the browser. Basically the web server does function to receive data from the browser and send back the data. The Wen server is located on the server (hosting) computer, while the web browser is located on the user’s computer.

By having faster performance

The lightspeed web server can improve Peru Phone Number List PHP performance by up to 50%. This type of slso has an anti-DDoS system and is able to limit HTTP request validation. Equipped with a good overloading prevention system that will benefit you. Some of the advantages of choosing this type of web server are that the system failure recovery can also be done directly and automatically. Apart from that, there is also a system that is quite compatible with cPanel, Plesk, and direct admin.

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The Nginx web server also has several

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Advantages that you should consider as an DM Databases option. One of them is this server is able to provide static content at power from the system. With this in mind. It will make the content more dynamic on the existing network by using the Fast CGI handler.

IIS is short for Internet Information Service. This type of  has many features that you can use, for example File Transfer Protocol (FTP), web manager, NNTP and Gopher. The Microsoft IIS   also supports operating systems for Windows NT, Windows 7, Windows   2000, Windows 2003 and Windows XP. The performance of this type of web is also more stable and has a diagnostic system that can be used to check errors.

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Apache is a type of freeware that will be very profitable for you. This type of server is also easier to install when compared to other types of servers. Apache can continue to operate on various existing system platforms so that it can be used by many people. Here there are also 4 configuration files that can be used so it will make it very easy for you.


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