There are several alternatives to create web pages

Keep in mind that static pages are There are several not pages without a connection to a database. Extensions or jquery linke. They are just basic pages with very little programming logic. While it is said. There are several alternatives to create web pages. But mostly there are tools and programs that allow you to auto-generate dynamic pages. What is a dynamic website? A dynamic web page is a web page that displays different content each time it is viewe. For example. The page may change with the time of day.

The user accessing the web page.

Or the type of user interaction. There are two types of dynamic Hong KongTelegram Number Data web pages. Client side language web pages that change in response to an action within that web page. Such as a mouse or keyboard action. Use client-side scripts. Client-side scripts generate client-side content. Client-side content is content that is generate on the user’s computer instead of the server. In these cases. The user’s web browser would download the content of the web page from the server.

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Process the code that is embede in the web page

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And then display the update content to the user. Scripting Indonesia Telegram Number List languages. Such as javascript and flash. Allow a web page to respond to client-side events. Server side language web pages that change when a web page is loade or visite use server-side scripts. Server-side content is the content that is generate when a web page loads. For example. Login pages. Forums. Submission forms. And shopping carts all use server-side scripts.

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