Also Read How to Create a MySQL Database

Also Read How to Create a MySQL Database Examples Of Big Data After discussing more about the description of Big Data above, now it’s time to move on to the next stage about what things are considered Big Data itself. From here you will be able to get important information and according to what you need in it.

Check out the list below Smartphone Usage Data

The first in Big Data is, of course, data from the Ghana Phone Number List use of the Smartphone itself. Here you can see that almost everyone now has a tablet or smartphone. Which is also a sign that more and more people are using the data for various things . Important applications such as Google Maps, Gmail, and so on will certainly have good potential in collecting data related to your location itself.

Social Media
Another thing in Big Data that needs to be known is from social media. Of course, it is also known that humans in the Millennials era cannot be separated from social media. Every day there is always an update of information about photos and status uploaded on the social media. As is known from Twitter, for example, more than 400 million tweets flooded. In addition, 72 videos are also uploaded on YouTube every minute. Which will make it easier for social media as Big Data to get information about contacts and Also the patterns of use that we do regarding social media.

Getting to Know Android Oreo Closer

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Online Streaming Sites
The digital footprint that will later become Big DM Databases Data can also be obtained from digitizing media. In the past, people used CDs and DVDs to watch the videos they wanted. But in this increasingly modern era, everyone prefers to use Netflix and Spotify to be able to enjoy everything they want online. So it is certain that the benefits that will be obtained will also be a lot in it. This is what will be able to give maximum impact and also be so special. Your traces will also be recorded while doing this activity. Not to mention other additional activities such as reading specific ebooks on online book sites such as Amazon, Kindle and so on.

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