How to activate AdSense account

After creating your account. You have to activate Adsense account to display ads on your website and earn income. To do this, you must go to the AdSense main page and complete what it asks you to activate your account. Connect your website to AdSense; Enter your payment address details. When you complete each task, click Done or Submit . Adsense will then review your entire website to verify that it complies with the AdSense program policies . Paste the code in the HTML of your page, between the example of inserting the code into a website ATTENTION.

Google Adsense work

This process usually lasts a few days, in some top people data cases it can last up to 2 weeks.  AdSense are required to comply with the program policies. If we do not comply they can: Disable our account; Stop serving ads on pages that violate those policies; Hold payments; Or worse of all, close the accounts of violators.Do not copy that code, because in yours the section “ca-pub-123456789” will be different. You will see yours in your Adsense account. 4- When you finish inserting the code, go to Adsense and confirm that you have pasted the code and click Done. If everything is correct, in a few minutes you will start seeing the ads on your website.

How to activate

That’s why I recommend that you look at the DM Databases program policies here , before creating your account. Once your account is active, you can log in at any time to create your ad units and insert them into your website so that the desired ads can appear and start generating income. How to connect a website to Google AdSense To complete the process, once Adsense has sent your account activation confirmation, you must connect your website to AdSense. To do so, follow these steps: 1- Log in to your AdSense account. 2- Copy the code that appears on the AdSense main page.what it is, advantages and how much it pays infographic google adsense what it is, advantages and how much it pays Other articles about making money. WIth your blog and personal brand that may interest you.

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