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The 2020 edition of Inbound Marketing France is now over. For the whole team, it’s time to take stock of this beautiful day which allowed speakers and visitors from all over the world to share their common interest in digital marketing. This year again, Inbound Marketing France stands out as the international and unmissable event for all marketing managers and business leaders. Through the many conferences, masterclasses or round tables, everyone was able to leave with concrete actions to boost their business.

The team has worked hard to get people talking

But in numbers, what doesIMF20 look like? Inbound marketing France 2020 is… Imf20 infographic balance sheet key figures inbound marketing france. 2020 edition, is therefore: d-day : 42 conferences 72 speakers . Than 1,100 attendees in total, it’s nearly 28 podcasts and videos. On our Latest Mailing Database blog and our youtube channel inbound marketing france. A media buzz: for this third edition.The team has worked hard to get people talking about. The event throughout france and attract more and more visitors. More than 23,000 spots broadcast. On the parvis de la défense 100 tv spots broadcast on bfm business 25,000 cumulative reads. On imf moderator blog posts 3270 visits on. The imf blog on social networks: more than ever.

The environmental impact of a major event like

Latest Mailing Database

The engagement of IMF visitors on social networks is to be underlined. On January 28,IMF20 was 4th in Trending Topics Twitter Potential reach DM Databases of IMF20 on Twitter reached 4,856,202 views On LinkedIn, there are 213,622 impressions of the #IMF20 with 7,051 likes and more than 1,200 comments* * figures collected over the period October / January And beyond that, it’s also a green event with: 84 trees planted to offset the environmental impact of a major event like this. plastic bottle 100% compostable cups More than 50% of participants who came by soft mode of transport (train, carpooling, bicycle, electric vehicle and even on foot!) Visitors to.

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