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Sign up for free only until 1/2, and there are places left to receive the gift document Sign the offer in the advertising account; Fill out all the requir fields in the advertising account, indicating that the contract confirms your authority (in this case, all these contracts should be display in your personal account); creation of advertising campaigns according to the usual algorithm (upload creative, assign advertising tokens, create tokens, send for review); release of advertising after approval; signing on the last calendar day of each month The act of completing the work and uploading it to a special section of the file in your personal account; transferring all necessary information and files to (perform by).

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List of documents requir to be upload to the advertising account when launching the campaign: full name of the legal entity; contract number and date; type of document; marking including VAT; information China Phone Number List about the parties to the agreement and the subject matter of the agreement; any other additional information (upon request) . Marketing or advertising agencies working with other agencies When linking to your work, other sub-agencies other than marketing or advertising agencies, you must transfer information about each of them to . The easiest and fastest way is to do it with the company in your chain that has sign the quote.

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Algorithm of operation when launching an advertising campaign. Sign additional agreements with all affiliates, to which they agree to transfer all necessary information. Sign an offer in the advertising account. Fill in all mandatory fields in the advertising account, specifying all contracts and additional agreements. Usual algorithmic creation of campaigns (upload creative, assign ad tokens, create tokens, send for review); run ads after approval; sign off with all participants in the chain of work done on the last calendar day of the month and in the following month Upload it to a special section of the file in your personal account DM Databases within days of the end (make sure that the parcel act is complete); transfer all necessary information and documents to (execut automatically).

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